Deceased Carrigan Division Members

Gordon Hummel

Obituary by Aspen Mortuaries:

Gordon Max Hummel Jr. (also known to many as Gordo or Gordie), 66, died 15 December 2018 at his home in Denver CO from natural causes. His funeral service will be held at Annunciation Catholic Church in Denver CO on 11 JAN at 1100. Two Rosaries will be said in his honor, one will be held 10 JAN at 730 PM at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish in Denver. The other Rosary will be held at 1015 at Annunciation Catholic Church shortly before the funeral.

Gordon was born on the 8th of May 1952 to Lillian Jean and Gordon Sr. in Denver CO. He graduated from Mullen high school class of 1970 and following graduation attended Regis College. He graduated in May of 1976 with a BA in Accounting, including a semester abroad at the University of Regensbug in Germany. He worked in the field of accounting for over 36 years and at times was self-employed. Most recently he owned a tax remediation office located in Denver.
Gordon liked being social, but more importantly he loved bragging about his kids. He was famous for carrying around his brag book, and telling stories of how proud he was of his children’s successes in life. A devoted member of the Catholic Church, Gordon spent most of his down time serving as member of the Knights of Columbus or being involved in Church activities. He loved everything sports, especially cheering on the Rockies and Broncos. However, his true passion was in auto sports and everything Ford Racing. He is survived by his three children Nicole, Andrew, Anna, and four grand children.

[Carrigan Editor’s Note:] Gordon was a member of the Carrigan Division for a short time. He was a well known member of two parishes and was very active in many ways at Annunciation Parish and school and was a friend of many Carrigan and Collins AOH brothers. We pursued him to become a member for several years. We thought he was never going to join and then one night, on October 2,2018,  when we were still meeting upstairs at Nallens, he came bounding up the stairs and said, “Why the looks? I’m here to join!” We asked him to tell us about himself and he gave one for the ages. He delivered a monologue better than any comedian could ever do and better than any Carrigan prospect has ever done. Sadly, he died two months later.

Daniel L. Buckley

[Carrigan Editor’s Note:]

Dan Buckey was only with us for a short time. He joined on ________ and died soon after from complications of COVID 19. He was a cousin to Rick and Dan Steck.

Obituary by
Tribute Archive:

Denver, Colorado
December 13, 1945 – December 11, 2020
At 74 years old, Daniel passed away on 12-11-2020. Dan is survived his wife Rosemary, sister Sharon, 2 nieces, 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

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