Carrigan Members

Father Charles Polifka, O.F.M. Cap

-Carrigan Division Chaplain

Father Charles Polifka, O.F. M. Cap is the Carrigan Division Chaplain. In 2021, he celebrated the 50th anniversary as an ordained priest.  He is currently the parish priest at Annunciation Parish and School in East Denver. Annunciation School is one of The Carrigan Division’s main philanthropies. To become our chaplain, Fr. Charles offered to change his very German-sounding name to Fr. Charles P. O’Lifka, but the group waived the requirement.

Ed Schumm

-Carrigan Division Marshall

Brother Ed Schumm is one of the longest standing members of the Carrigan Division. To say that Ed is an avid sports fan is a huge understatement! Ed and his brothers were prolific football players in high school and college. Ed played football at KU and at Army in the early ’60s. He even played football with the legendary Gayle Sayers! Ed is a lifelong salesman and is one of the best. He lives adjacent to Coors Field in a beautiful historic restored railyard loft.  He has two sons- Colby and Ryan and two grandchildren.

Matt Steck & Rick Steck

Rick Steck – Carrigan Division Vice President

Rick Steck, right, and son Matt left, are enthusiastic members of The Fr. Joseph P. Carrigan Division of AOH. Matt, is a Business Analyst and father of two lovely, nearly grown, daughters. He joined the division in the spring of 2020. Rick has been a Carrigan leader since he joined about three years ago. Rick has been a teacher and coach at Annunciation School for over two decades. Both Rick and Matt appreciate the effort the Carrigan division members have given to the school students through fix-up projects, fundraisers, and volunteer coaching.

Michael (Mike) Dineen was first a Hibernian in St. Louis before transferring to the Carrigan Division. Mike grew up in St. Louis where he attended Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville earning degrees in Philosophy, History, and Psychology. During his time at school and after, he studied abroad in Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and Greece. He also was given a great opportunity to teach English abroad for several years in Korea, China, and Japan.

Mike Dineen

He began working for the Boy Scouts of America in 2014 for the St. Louis Area Council in the southeastern part of Missouri and was promoted to the Denver area doing the same. In his service area of the DTC, Cherry Hills Village, Aurora and Centennial City, Mike currently oversees the organization’s product sales, major gifts, the annual campaign, volunteer management, and event-based fund development. When he’s not working, Mike can be found at the Rotary Club of Denver, of which he is a member, or embracing Colorado’s great outdoors. He is also very actively engaged with several volunteer organizations and the pursuit of personal and professional development (just look at his bookcase – he’s an addict!). He loves to serve, share, and contribute to the success of others, relationships, and organizations whenever he has the chance.

Matt Steck

Matt is a Denver native, husband and father of two daughters.
His interests include following Denver/Colorado college and pro sports teams, hunting, fishing, skiing, coaching basketball and lacrosse, live music, landscaping, taking care of his two aquariums, and hanging out with friends and 2-and-4 legged family members.
Matt followed his Dad’s lead when joining AOH. He joined AOH to learn more about (and celebrate) his Irish roots and make new friendships while giving back to the local community! 

Jim & Betsy Chappell

-Carrigan Division President

Jim and Betsy Chappell live in the heart of Denver at 16th and California along the 16th Street Mall. Their family is known as “The Chappell Army” with its 18 children and grandchildren. They have been best friends for 55 years, since they were 5 and 6 years old and have been married for 39 years. They love bike riding and local breweries. Betsy is a beloved Speech/ Language Pathologist with Denver Public Schools and has been designated as “distinguished” among the 10,000 people that work for Denver Public Schools, less than 1% of which have received this title. She has spent her career working with high-needs children in underserved areas. and Jim is a recovering attorney and the Director of Operations for Colorado CarShare. Jim has been a Carrigan Hibernian for about 8 years.

Noel & Wendy Hickey

Major Supporter and Primary Benefactor


Brother Noel is a Carrigan Hibernian and is also the owner of The Celtic on Market with his wife Wendy.

Patrick & Angela Maguire

The Maguires relocated from Michigan to Centennial Colorado about three years ago. Patrick and Angela have been married for 59 years. Patrick has been a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America for almost 50 years.  Between the two of them, they have more years involved with the Ancient Order of Hibernians than all of the other members of the Carrigan Division combined. Patrick has been bestowed a life member by the AOH national board. He is a past president of the Rahway Division in New Jersey. He was also the past president of the Adrian Division in Michigan. He also is a past president of the AOH Michigan State Board. His wife, Angela, has been a member of the Ladies’ Ancient Order of Hibernians organization since it was founded. They are both natives of Ireland and Patrick also previously served as the treasurer of the Carrigan Division.

Ken Nielsen

-Carrigan Division Recording Secretary

Born and raised in Denver, Ken is a devoted husband and father of two pretty awesome teenagers. When not working in the tech world, he enjoys getting outdoors with his trusty camera or spending time with friends and family. He is pretty generally known for his wacky sense of humor and his avid love of all things movie-related.
Ken joined the division in June, 2021 with the intention of learning more about his Irish roots, making new friends, and volunteering for the greater good.

Bill Egan

-Carrigan Division Treasurer

Bill and his wife Laura are Colorado natives, as were their parents and seven of eight grandparents, going back to the later 1800’s.  All the traceable relatives on Bill’s Dad’s side had Irish roots. Many of the males were miners, and Bill has a photo of his great grandparents and grandmother taken in Leadville in 1902. The males that worked in the mines were likely in the Hibernians, and Bill is hoping that the Hibernians have records of membership in the 1800’s. Bill was strong-armed to join the Hibernians by Rick Steck, although the experience has been a pleasure so far.
Laura is a retired high school teacher, and Bill retired two years ago from the family printing business started by their Great-grandfather in 1891.
They are proud agents of two boys, now grown men, and three grandkids.

Kevin Croghan

-Carrigan Division Historian

Kevin lives in Centennial, Colorado with his wife, daughter, dog, and cat. He’s a full-time dad and part-time educational consultant. He enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and bicycling, and he does his best to represent the Irish people when he competes in highland heavy athletics. Occasionally, you might just find him brewing cider or whittlin’ something.

Michael Lockette

Airman Lockette lives in Wetmore, Colorado, where he and his family run a cattle ranch raising grass-fed Dexter cattle. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his beautiful, and growing, family.

Father John Croghan

A Colorado native, eastern plains farm boy, and priest for the Archdiocese of Denver, John was ordained May 15, 2021 and he is currently on the eastern slope of the Colorado Rockies serving as the Parochial Vicar at St. Michael in Craig, Holy Family in Meeker, and St. Ignatius of Antioch in Rangely. If you ever want to chat about the awesomeness of dogs, campers, or square-bodied pickups, Fr. John is your guy. He’s also good with priest stuff.

Rich Rooney

Rich Rooney comes from one of the most iconic Irish families in Colorado history. His great-great grandfather and three of his grandfather’s brothers homesteaded in Colorado before statehood. They took up a homestead in a place near Morrison, Colorado that we now know as Red Rocks. That famous real estate was part of the legendary Rooney Ranch. Rich still lives out there on part of the homestead. Have you ever driven toward Red Rocks on “Rooney Road”? Rich’s family is where the name comes from.  John- Paul- George and Ringo (and even John Denver) said that their favorite place on earth to be was near The Rooney Homestead- so we have as a member, arguably one of the coolest Hibernians on Earth. Rich is a Marine- totally- and he exudes Semper Fi at its best! 

Jerry Schempp

Jerry was born in Chester, So Dakota in January, 1941. He has lived in South Dakota, California, Iowa and Colorado and went to Columbine grade School, Steck, Smiley Jr, High and East High School growing up.

Jerry spent some time at The Citadel and The University of Colorado. During his career, Jerry sold insurance and then worked for Autrey Bros. for 30+ years.

He was married and has 3 great Sons, and 3 grand kids… who have stolen his Heart:   Henry, Luke, and Macy.

Michael O’Hara

Michael is a member of St. Rita’s Catholic Church in New Orleans and has been active with the Carrigan Hibernians since 2012. He is the first second-generation Carrigan Hibernian after the refounders. He also recruited Jim and Ed. Michael was born in Boston and spent the first six years of his life there, hence his loyalties to all New England sports teams. His family then moved to New Jersey, where he lived there until he graduated from St. Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, NJ. After high school, he moved to Washington state where he received a B.A. from The Evergreen State College. Then, he moved back to Boston where he was part of a team working to test and enroll many people into the precursor to the state of Massachusetts universal health care system. At the end of 2005 Michael moved to Colorado, where he worked in the nonprofit sector for another 12 years, before moving to attend graduate school at Tulane University and receive his MSW in December 2018.   Since then, he has been with the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System as a social worker in the Homeless Program. Michael met his wife in the summer of 2010, and they got married in September of 2013. In January 2015, their son, Leo James Haneul was born and almost 5 years later they had their daughter, Therese Marie Sarang.

Tom Cowhick

Descended from generations who resided on North American soil before the American Revolution, I was born August 23rd 1952 at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Denver. Coincidentally, the date was also the fifth Wedding Anniversary of my parents, Willa Jean (Asher) and Thomas Lloyd Cowhick. Born the third child of their union, I was the first of six boys. We children would eventually be nine in number. And to this day, not a felon among us. Maybe it was the bloodlines. Thanks to the tireless works of my uncle Jim Cowhick, my dad’s brother, my sister Jenean Huckaby and my brother Jim Cowhick, I can report that the first child of Irish immigrants born on American soil was Patrick Cowhawk (spelling is correct). He was born in Pennsylvania in 1752 and is listed as a Patriot by the Daughters of the Revolution, having participated in the War of Independence. There have been other Patriots from both sides of the family. Among folks my ancestors rubbed elbows with were Danial Boone and Abraham Lincoln. You can look it up. The first best gift my parents gave me was the place I was born. I grew up around Washington Park, belonged to the parish of St. Vincent de Paul and graduated from the grade school. (Incidentally, my parents were married in what was then the basement church in the current school building, prior to the building of the existing church.) I made lifelong friends, played sports, chased girls, became an altar boy, learned to camp and fish and generally had a happy, typical, All American childhood. I followed my older sisters to St. Francis de Sales high school in 1966 and graduated without major incident in the allotted four years. I chased girls, kissed a few, got pretty good at baseball and basketball and went on to a year at the College of Santa Fe on an athletic scholarship. I left college after the one year. Typical of the times, I thought “finding myself” was really important, even though I knew not if any such thing was possible. So I went a lot of places looking, I guess. After a short apprenticeship in rough carpentry, I rode freight trains throughout the west, from Chicago to California, stopping to pound nails when necessary. I hitchhiked to other places east, including the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. I chased girls… Returning to Denver, I settled in to the first of my careers working for a custom home builder, honing my carpentry skills  (not to mention chisels…heh). I met and married the love of my life, Marilyn.  Seeing that butt-crack mechanics were few among the captains of industry, I entered into the world of sales and managed to square a good living, along with Marilyn, with which to raise our four kids and send them to good schools. After forty years of marriage, Marilyn and I apply ourselves fastidiously to our current job, that of spoiling our grandchildren and then sending them home. I have returned full circle to the carpentry trade and continue to contract small projects.

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